Our Team

Meet the empathetic team at Great Canadian Debt Relief Inc.
your partners in overcoming financial challenges.

Operations Head

Dominic Ross

Dominic Ross, our Operations Head, propels our operations with experience and insight.

Customer Service Team

Raj Patel, Delema Bhutia, Ruth David

When you reach out for assistance, you’ll be greeted by Delema and Mike, our customer service team known for their friendly and helpful demeanor.

Debt Help Coordinators

Edward James,Yash Nair, Jay Patel

Our debt help coordinators tailor solutions with knowledge and empathy.

Accounts Manager

Lisa Hope

Lisa ensures precise financial management.

Our dedicated team at Great Canadian Debt Relief Inc. is here to be your unwavering advocates in eliminating debt and helping you regain control of your financial life. We recognize that debt can be a heavy burden, and that’s why we’re committed to providing you with a path to a brighter, debt-free tomorrow.