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Frequently Asked Questions

Unless you’ve specified a particular timeframe, our agents typically reach out to you within 2-4 hours on regular business days after your request for a call.

We primarily cater to English-speaking Canadians, as our agents are not proficient in French.

After you submit your details for a Free Quote, an agent will contact you by phone to discuss and provide a quote. If you decide to move forward with Great Canadian Debt Relief, you’ll be assigned an account manager. Once you gather required documents and complete the application, you’ll meet a local agent to sign and start the process, usually achieving debt freedom in under a week!

We can potentially slash your unsecured debt to a fraction of the original amount, offering a 0% interest rate. Additionally, we’ll halt calls from creditors and collectors, as well as any potential legal actions.

We’re a legitimate company called Great Canadian Debt Relief Inc., registered under Canada’s laws. Our legal documents, specifying our purpose as a debt relief organization, can be found here: